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Flytipping affects you when someone dumps unwanted rubbish on your land. Most such incidents in the UK involve general waste: assorted garbage bags, tyres, soiled mattresses, building waste etc. Whenever people decide to dispose of their waste outside of designated bins or recycling centres, they are flytipping. It’s frustrating and overwhelming to find yourself a victim of this irresponsible and thoughtless behaviour.

Flytipping is a crime that is on the increase in England. The number of reported incidents was up by more than a third in 2016/17 and in recent years shows no signs of improvement. Not only is illegally deposited rubbish an eyesore, it can be a hazard to local wildlife. Often, rubbish can contaminate natural areas, like woodland and streams.

Councils have their own policies but any clean-up is an expense for the community at large and impacts our rates and taxes. If flytipping occurs on private land or property, the  owner is responsible for any clean-up.

What To Do If You’re a Victim

First of all, notify the local authority so that an incident can be recorded. Although unlikely, authorities can sometimes track down the perpetrators.

You may then choose to deal with the unwanted rubbish yourself but it could be far better to enlist professional help from a licensed service.

DWS Rubbish Removal

If  you have suffered flytipping in London, DWS Rubbish Removal can provide you with a no obligation quote to remove  the unwanted rubbish from your property.  We will work with you to get this annoyance out of your life as quickly and easily as possible. Remember we  specialise in this area and are usually cheaper and easier than the alternative of hiring a skip and doing  all the work yourself..


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